New for 2015

The Soldier and The Camellia

On a vineyard in France near the town of Amiens, a train carrying German soldiers and a few civilians is bombed. It is World War II. The townspeople cautiously survey the ruins of the wreck. A few soldiers survived but Dominique's family find a baby in the wreckage. Having no way to discover the identity of the baby, they raise the child. Three years later, two American soldiers show up looking for the child.

 New Orleans in the 60's. Sophie St. Pierre and her best friend Tessa talk about their plans for the future after graduating from Tulane University. They will marry their boyfriends and live a happy ever after normal life. But that is not to be. Events that they have no control of interfere with their plans. 

Is anyone in control of their destiny? 

Published 2015 by Saintcharlespress. Available on Amazon and Kindle.


Previous works.

A collection of pen and inks by Lola Legier Maduell. She has been painting and working in pen and ink for over 70 years. Her eyesight prohibits her from working in detail anymore.

These pen and inks are of famous historic New Orleans places. 

There are 6 pen and inks included by Andree' and Rita Maduell, her daughters who tried this medium for a while.

Available on Amazon.

A fantasy story for teens and pre-teens. 

Twin dolphins find something unusual in the ocean. The Elders tell them in order to find out if it is an age old secret place, they must change into human form and find the one person who can help unlock the mystery. But first they encounter a young girl named Abby who joins them on the journey.

Available on Amazon.

 Take a Ride on a Streetcar

Photos and drawings tell the story of the streetcar from its beginnings. Little known facts include the one year that it was in a Mardi Gras parade, older lines were color coded, and it was featured on stamps.