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Some thoughts.


All art, whether it is a painting, a photograph, a poem, a story, or music, expresses the feelings and emotions of the artist.

Most artist choose to express themselves in one medium.

I like to explore all of them. 

Although I am not a musician, I love to listen to all types of music,

Nor am I a dancer, but I appreciate watching others and their many types of dancing.

Sometimes I paint from one of my photographs.

Stories evolve over a long time, churning around in my brain until the idea is ready for the pen. 

Studying the master artist, photographers, and authors is one of the best ways to learn and get inspired.

I want to have fun exploring the medias I work in. With the advances in technology, photography has developed into more than taking great pictures. Newer programs like photoshop are coming out all the time making working with photographs into a different kind of art. 

What to work on next? 

Stay tuned.

More to come.

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